In our Limousine division, we currently have an extensive range of late model vehicles, from our six passenger Lincoln Town Car to its ten passenger older brother the Lincoln Town Car limousine. Our valet division supplies the biggest premier valet parking services within the Greater Sacramento area. Our extensive and experienced team enables us to suit almost any parking need speedily and efficiently.

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  City Roseville , CA
  Zip Code 95661
  Phone Number (877) 730-7700

I was very upset with Neumann's Valet service (and Limousine service)! I picked my $60,000 BMW after parking it with Neumann's valet service after dinner and a fashion show at approx. 11pm (dark outside) didn't see until the morning light there was a 3 dent on the door from a square pole. Called Neumann at 9:30am and was told How do we know it didn't happen on the way home? Well, of course that was their release of liability except that I went straight home and there is no square poles at my house but wow! What do you know? a 3 square pole in their valet parking section when I went back to take pictures! Our insurance co. paid it without investigation and despite our investigation results. Is this the new age where everyone is automatically lying before they prove they are telling the truth? I will NEVER park my car with their Neumann Valet again!